The edaily news application for iphone

Updated March  20, 2010

edaily, general economy information media, releases iphone economy news/ finance information application. Now, you can find the fastest and the most correct news and finance market conditions in and outside the country by using iphone at any time and any place.

edaily launches edaily news application for iphone/ ipod touch. edaily serves live economy invest breaking news, as well as finance index in domestic and foreign such as KOSPI, KOSDAQ, Dow-Jones and NASDAQ and so on.

Also, you can access to the news related to bond and foreign exchange in ‘FX’ menu. Not only this, you could find categorized news such as investment, economy industry and international news. Especially, we offers the convenient function to be selected the specific news of applicable company in recent 3 days’ news through the menu ‘ business search’ for the readers who use the economy news for business. Also, entertainment and sports news and photo news of edaily SPN could be found through edaily news application.

edaily is reporting the fastest and correct economy news via internet, as well as the fast and correct investment information to your home through economy and investment techniques broadcasting, edaily TV. In addition, edaily market point offers the fastest service about edaily news and the major finance market conditions information.

Like this, news and data of finance market conditions that edaily have could be found with iphone news application at any time and anywhere.

edaily news application could be downloaded for free after accessing App stores through iphone/ ipod touch and searching ‘edaily’.

2,334.46 9.45 -0.40%

Global Index

Dollar/Won KTB3Y Oil(WTI)
1,132.00 1.19% 38.56

Global Market

DOW JONES 27,685.38 -650.19 2.29%
SNP500 3,400.97 -64.42 1.86%
NASDAQ 11,358.94 -189.34 1.64%
NIKKEI 255 23,304.29 -190.05 0.81%
HANG SENG 24,918.78 +132.65 0.54%
SHANGHAI 3,251.12 -26.88 0.82%

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