The 2nd Future Conference of Energy Industry

Updated October  20, 2009

edaily, total business information service provider, is planning to hold conference regarding to green industry development policy and strategy to take action against the climate change with Korea Energy Management Corporation.

This year December, in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, the new greenhouse gas reduction suggestion is planning to be proposed so to replace the post Kyoto Protocol that will be expired in the year 2012. And our government will suggest a definite plan to keep pace with the change.

Our government is preparing to set a system based on the fact that the year 2005 greenhouse gas emissions intensity will be a standard of greenhouse gas emissions of the year 2020. Furthermore, president Obama government will present the specific reduction item, and as a result, it is very important time to promote the energy conservation and the green industry in order to accomplish the reduction target in each country

In this conference, we expect to explain the background of the green growth’s concept and to discuss about the strategy of major industry.

We ask for your interest and participation.

 ○ Event name: The 2nd Future Conference of Energy Industry
 ○ Date and Time: 6 November, 2009 ( Fri ) 13:50~16:00
 ○ Location: Seminar room Ⅳ in exhibition center of Hanll A, COEX
 ○ Participation: The first 100 people
 ○ Entry fee: Free
 ○ Host: edaily, edaily TV, Korea Energy Management Corporation
 ○ Cooperation: Ministry of Knowledge Economy
 ○ Application: http://www.edaily.co.kr/info/energy/2nd/info.asp

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