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Updated October  4, 2010

Hello. Edaily, the best general economy information multimedia in Korea, publishes a high quality news information service "Edaily Market In" through "Edaily market point" which is real time economic news.

"Edaily Market In" is a market-led media. it provides high value added information by combining a great various form of news and information data. It is not just an aggregateof economic news flash is presented in chronological order. It conveys premium information articles that we"ve founded deeply in the financial markets and corporate finance. It also shows a variety of data systemically.

"Edaily Market in"is composed of three categories (Market, Company, Investment) largely. The "Market" category deals with home and foreign financial market"s main issues in-depth.The "company" focuses on the credit of businesses and determinants of the corporate capital structure.
and the "Investment" tells major issues about M&A, PE and so on.
In addition, "People"which is constructed massively with major business people and the working group at home and abroad is on your side.

"Edaily Market In" promises to bring the finest quality market & company news information.

Major components of "Edaily Market In"


- a careful analysis of a bond market ,a foreign exchange market ,swaption,foreign currency fund market, short-term money market and so on.

- lots of benchmarking contents of market. The index of leading economic indicators. study market trends, the diverse polls is the biggest in the national media.

- the week bond debenture, corporate bond yield rate, corporate bond fund,
debenture interest, the return rate on bond funds, money flow analysis, the return rate on high yield fund, trend analysis of a mutual fund that is traded on a stock exchange,


- "Edaily market news" deals with all of events influence on trade credit.

- the deadline of credits, credit default swap trends of US and Europe,
the credit ratings agency"s reports, issues of credit, issue company stock,
fund-raising schemes of businesses.


- taking over valuable papers, M&A, IPO, asset management ,principal investment, PEF, project financing, lots of news about an investment banks and so on.

- ECM is devided by 5 sectors.there are initial public offering, paid-in capital increase , convertible bond, bond with warrant , an exchangeable bond with regular aggregate and detailed analysis.

*guidance for service

"Edaily market in" is charged service. if you subscribe to a paid service, you can see all of news and data information provided.

Please get the person in charge to give you more details:02-3772-0360~2

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