4th edaily-KoreaBondWeb Financial Market Prospects Seminar

Updated November  12, 2009

We hold "The 4th edaily- KoreaBondWeb Financial Market Prospects Seminar" dealing with the topic of 2010 economy and financial market prospects with the company, KoreaBondWeb.

It will cover the economy flow through the story of the policy authorities based on the prospects of the macro economy and financial market. Especially, in this seminar, we are planning to have occasion to grasp the general idea of investment strategy abroad of the year 2010 through inviting the official of Korea Investment Corporation. Also, we are having the time that the finance officer of domestic major public enterprise explains our company’s finance state and countermeasures strategy on the market.

If you want to join this seminar, you can apply the participation through the website both edaily (www.edaily.co.kr) and KoreaBondWeb (www.bondweb.co.kr). You can also access through the finance information terminals of edaily, edaily market point, and the exclusive program of KoreaBondWeb, Prime plus. This seminar is sponsored by edaily and Gold Pharos and cooperated by Shinhan Investment Corporation.

○ Name of event. : The 4th edaily- KoreaBondWeb Finance Market Prospects Seminar
○ Date and Time : 25 November (wed.) 15:40~18:00
○ Location : 300 Hall, the second basement, Shinhan Investment Corporation, Youido
○ Host : edaily, edaily TV, KoreaBondWeb
○ Cooperation: Shinhan Finance Investment
○ Topic and Speaker

- Introduction (15:40~ 15:50)
- Public enterprise IR (15:50~ 16:20)
Speaker: Tae sung Kim, Head of a Financial Management, Korea Railroad

- Section 1 (16:40~16:50)
Topic: 2010 macro economy prospects
Speaker: Sang Jae Lee, Research member, Hyundai Fund

- Section 2 (17:00~17:30)
Topic: 2010 investment strategy abroad
Speaker: Sang Jun Kim, Investment Strategy manager, Korea Investment Corporation

- Section 3 (17:30~18:00)
Topic: 2010 Korea Treasury bonds prospects
Speaker: Jung Gwan Kim, Director of Government Bond Policy Division, Treasury Bureau, Ministry of Strategy and Finance

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