Watch live "world strategy forum 2010" on iPHONE

Updated June  10, 2010

Watch live "world strategy forum 2010" on iPHONE

Edaily, the best general economy information multimedia in Korea, hold the World Strategy Forum 2010 to celebrate 10th anniversary.
The topic of the forum that suggests an elegant insight to the problem is
"G20 system, Strategy for the Future of Korea". The forum will provide for rapid changes of the international and the domestic situation.
Furthermore, you can watch live "world strategy forum 2010"on iPHONE"

This forum will be spread over two days (6/8,6/9)in shilla hotel. We invite lots of the gratest scholars from all strata of society at home and abroad who have an insight into the future.

Especially, former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who is a keynote speaker is going to survey about global politics and international diplomacy and the economy in the near future. Besides, She is going to spend much time to propose various strategies which corresponds with it for growth and expansion of our government and companies.

Also, Seung Jun Kwak who is a chairman of presidential council for future and vision is planning to address about Korea"s
management which is recognized as a golden age for ten years from now. and Professor Paul nolte, modern and contempororay history
,free university berlin, germany, is going to forsee about capitalism after the financial crisis from the humanity point of view

And There are Julian Birkinshaw who is a Professor and Deputy Dean, Strategic and International Management, London Business School and Fujimoto Takahiro who is a professor,Faculty of Economics, utive Director,Manufacturing Management Research Center, TOkyo University
and Hyun Song Shin who is a senior officer to the president for international economy. Hamish Mcrae who is a Business and finance editor of The Independent and others.
They suggest some innovation strategies to react quickly to rapidly changing situations

After downloading free "edaily news"application on the appstore. Click "on air" button on the top. and then, You can watch "edaily tv live" which is carried live "world strategy forum 2010"

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