The edaily run a new english hompage `EGN(EDALY GLOBAL NETWORK)`

Updated June  3, 2010

Edaily, the best general economy information multimedia in Korea, introduced an english homepage
for the achievement of global competitiveness to celebrate 10th anniversary.

◇ The first generative process of the articles in Korea about the index interworking in a real time.
The corner of STOCK/BOND/FX provides the index interworking news service (the tone of the market and the national debt futures,
the index futures and so on) that is entirely different from the others.

◇ The realization of a dynamic flash chart by utilizing lots of data.
We offer a dyniamic chart that is made by flash. it displays much higher cubic effect than existing general charts.

◇ A variety of English contents from major institution of korea
The corner of PRESS/REPORT gives the special data as well as the press release from major institutions of korea
(a public institution,the Chamber of Commerce & Industry, large companies, stock firms) variously.

For more specific information, please see the `EGN (EDALY GLOBAL NETWORK)`
Please give us your interest and support.

Thank you.

2,095.41 7.74 -0.37%

Global Index

Dollar/Won KTB3Y Oil(WTI)
1,185.30 1.50% 52.51

Global Market

DOW JONES 26,040.08 -66.69 0.26%
SNP500 2,881.50 -10.14 0.35%
NASDAQ 7,790.91 -46.22 0.59%
NIKKEI 255 21,116.89 +84.89 0.40%
HANG SENG 27,118.35 -176.36 0.65%
SHANGHAI 2,881.97 -28.77 0.99%

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