[Inter Chamber Seminar] Friday 11 June: State of Work-Life Balance

Updated June  1, 2010

Dear members,

Like many other key cities in Asia, Seoul faces significant challenges in terms of the work-life balance of its working population. Globally, South Koreans have a reputation for a rigorous work ethic, putting in long hours and working overtime – often at the expense of personal considerations. Anecdotally we know this to be true, but until now we have not had the representative data to support this.

For the first time, the findings of the State of Work-Life Balance in Seoul 2010 Survey will provide some real facts and enable us to assess to what extent work-life balance is a challenge for employees in South Korea. This representative survey of the working population in Seoul - the first of its kind for South Korea, will serve as an important reference point for the business community. In particular it will enable companies to understand the current work and life patterns of employees in Seoul, their level of satisfaction with their current work-life balance, the key problems they face and their most desired solutions.

We are pleased to invite you to the Work-Life Balance Seminar, an open forum for discussing Work-Life challenges and solutions based on these findings. The seminar is sponsored by Inter-Cham, an alliance of Foreign Chamber of Commerce in Korea and the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Subject : Panel Discussion - State of Work-Life Balance Seminar
Date : Friday, 11th June
Time : 10:40am ~ 1:15pm
Venue : Orchid Room (2F), Westin Chosun Hotel

Detailed schedule of the lunch in both English and Korean is included in the attached documents. Please confirm attendence by fax (02) 720-9407 or e-mail administrator@bcck.or.kr . Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

(word file attached if you cannot see the image below)

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